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There's no place like homie's.

Homie's is a laid-back lounge café, located on the East side of Lisbon's city center, that brings together the local crowd, upcoming artists and young entrepreneurs that seek for support, local information or community.

We are here to provide a somewhat alternative scene for us to socialize and explore niche interests together. We host music gigs, markets, meet ups and private events in an very artsy scenario made to keep your senses entertained. 

You found the perfect place to chill, cook new projects, listen to/ make music,  ask for directions, get a massage, or a tattoo, and even buy your smoking papers (yup!) .

Come over and make yourself at home, this joint is for us!

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Opening hours

Monday 9:00AM - 6:00PM

Tuesday 9:00AM - 00:00AM

Wednesday 9:00AM - 00:00AM

Thursday 9:00AM - 00:00AM

Friday 9:00AM - 00:00AM

Saturday 10:00AM - 00:00AM

Sunday (open for events only)

No events at the moment

Let's talk!

Rua da Bica do Sapato 50C

1100-094 Lisboa

211 575 527

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